Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sub Rammed, Sunk: Oops!

SAT 24 JAN 1942
Battle off Balikpapan (Battle of Makassar Strait) occurs when four U.S. destroyers (Commander Paul H. Talbot) (DesDiv 59) attack Japanese Borneo invasion convoy. Destroyer John D. Ford (DD-228) is damaged by gunfire (01°20'N, 117°01'E) but sinks transport Tsuruga Maru; destroyer Parrott (DD-218) sinks transport Sumanoura Maru; destroyers Paul Jones (DD-230) and Pope (DD-225) sink transport Tatsukami Maru; Paul Jones sinks cargo ship Kuretaki Maru; Parrott sinks Patrol Boat No.37, 00°10'N, 118°00'E. USAAF B-17s and Dutch Martin 139s and Brewster 339s bomb invasion shipping, sinking transports Nana Maru and Jukka Maru, 00°10'N, 118°00'E.

Naval battalion (Commander Francis J. Bridget) drives Japanese troops back to Longoskawayan and Quinauan Points on Bataan Peninsula.

Japanese land at Kendari, Celebes; Kavieng, New Ireland; and Subic Bay.

Submarine tender Canopus (AS-9) is damaged by bombs, Lilimbom Cove, Mariveles.

Submarine Swordfish (SS-193) sinks Japanese gunboat Myoken Maru north of Kema, Celebes, 01°26'N, 125°08'E.

Submarine S-26 (SS-131) is accidentally rammed and sunk by submarine chaser PC-460 in Gulf of Panama, 08°13'N, 79°21'E. PC-460 rescues three survivors. Despite a search by the patrol craft and the other three submarines in company, S-21 (SS-126), S-29 (SS-134) and S-44 (SS-155), no other survivors are found; 46 men lose their lives in the mishap.

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