Friday, January 20, 2017

Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me, Guess I'll Go Eat Worms

The schaden freudes itself: What if they gave an illegitimate inaugural & (relatively) no one came, including much of Trump's enthusiastic movement?

Nobody likes this jerkwad or any of his little fascist friends. When does the snarking stop & the shooting start?
Jennifer Calfas / The Hill:
Poll: Trump approval rating hits new low hours before inauguration  —  Just over a third of Americans approve of President-elect Donald Trump  —  , according to a new poll released hours before his inauguration.  —  The survey from Fox News showed that 37 percent of Americans approve …
Piling on.

Donald Trump took the oath of office in front of a comically small crowd

The size of his crowds was the entire premise of his campaign.

The flash of his cards ...
What Google hath wrought: First result of "the flash of his cards was sprayed" is this eerily prescient four-&-a-half yr. old Greater Trumpery from our iNternet friends sitting on top (if you discount Patagonia & the Malvinas) of the world.

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Weird Dave said...

The blues are so great.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but one of the very best things to ever come out of my stupid country was that dammed negro music...