Friday, January 20, 2017

Instant Inaugural Karma

It's no secret this reporter has hated this shit hole country & the filthy non-stop hypocrisy it's spewed at the rest of the world since long before he started bitching & moaning about it & everything else on the iNternet; now that America's chickens have come home to roost (& already dropped loads of chickenshit on everything) I'm very happy (even if my corpse will be in the streets rotting w/in months) because most of you sonsabitches will suffer (Maybe die?) lying in the beds you made for yourselves. Bend over & spread 'em, bit-chezz, 'cause here it comes!!


Feline Mama said...

DAMN, fuck, DAMN!!!!!!! John's gone & that ORANGE "NOT MY PRESIDENT" is Alive & Kicking!!!!!!!!!!!! My apologies 'Simple Minds'!

Quincunx said...

I hate those smarmy self-righteous christianist fuckers and their bullshit with the heat of a thousand suns.