Tuesday, January 31, 2017

End Of Month

Source: California Should Be Stripped Of Electoral College Votes Due To High Number Of Illegals In The CA Census
This may be the most delusional thing that happened in January. Or not. Does reality (or anything the hell else) make any difference what-so-fucking-ever to these deluded-for-decades doofuses who essentially lost the state due to their irrational phobias? (Prop. 187 & so on.)
“If we can get Donald J. Trump to be president of the United States, certainly we can get Californians registered to be Republicans,” longtime conservative activist Johnnie Morgan said to applause. “With the energy we have now, with the momentum we have now, with the inspiration we have now, with the committed people we have now, we can do this. It will spread like wildfire.”
If it were to spread it would be more like the drug-resistant strain of E. coli just reported. Why would he think a wildfire is a good thing to invoke in our Golden State? Schmuck.

Another dim bulb whines:
We want to show the political elite that we exist and that we are not happy with some of their legislation and they can’t just ramrod things like that without considering us.”
It's called democracy, idjit. The majority rules. You don't like it, kill yourselves or get out of Cali.

Last & most pathetic:
“We need change. We have that in Washington, but we need change in Sacramento to bring down the liberal pathetic establishment that has destroyed this state,” said Nestor Moto, 22, a gay Latino GOP activist from Long Beach. “This country belongs to people like you and me … and it is time we take it back.”
"Destroyed the state." Right. And all the usual meaningless "take our country back" from our fellow citizens yap. Fucking young person moron. We're taking this country back from the moronic minority that voted for Trump.

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