Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Culture Bores

Shut up & go away, tiresome homo-hater Dr. Don Boys. This sort of thing was boringly idiotic 40 yrs. ago.
And has not aged well.
We have been exposed to all kinds of business owners who have arrogantly thrust their own radical views upon others. Therefore, it is time for normal people to close their wallets and not use their plastic thereby putting the offenders out of business. If we don’t put them out of business, we can reduce their profits thereby sending a clear message: if you go public with anti-family, pro-perversion, or anti-American positions then it will cost you dearly.

When a business owner takes a public position that is anti-family, anti-American, or anti-biblical, then he or she deserves to be a very lonely person because so many potential customers refuse to purchase his goods or services. Sure, business people have a right to be stupid but they also have a right to go bankrupt. I’ll help them.


So, no Coke and Girl Scout cookies, and I hope you will do the same. Anyway, that kind of stuff might send you to Heaven quicker than your scheduled departure. I will survive not reading National Geographic; besides, they still haven’t received the message that evolution is false, a failure, and a fraud, another reason they should shut down their presses and quietly disappear. Moreover, I would not go to Disney if the entrance fee were a dollar.

I think it is more than a dollar.
Work out your sexual psychopathy on your own time, Doc. Like the "arrogantly thrusting" business owners "exposing" themselves. And the "close their wallets" bit. You wonder what goes through their minds. I do, anyway.

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