Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How Long Shall The Wicked
Reign Over My People?

Number of the Day: 2,864,974. (Popular votes.)
If I'd voted for Mme. Secretary instead of Peace & Freedom the total would have been a nice round 2,864,975.


Feline Mama said...

USA!!! Ah, democracy. Freedom to vote for your president! Oh, Wait!!!!
It's 2017, can we have our DEMOCRACY NOW PLEASE??!!!!!!

Quincunx said...

Land of the free*, and home of the pants-wetters**.

*some restrictions apply
**no restrictions apply

BadTux said...

California is plenty large and prosperous enough to be its own country. California has more people and a larger economy than most European countries. WTF are we hanging with those losers over there in JesusFuckStan anyhow?

Feline Mama said...

How long?..... 100 days & counting. Congrats.'merika. Good job. Thanks congress!!