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Gen. Mark Clark In A Submarine

WED 21 OCT 1942
Destroyer Grayson (DD-435) is damaged in collision with fleet tug Vireo (AT-144) during efforts to salvage the latter, Solomons area, 12°08'S, 161°04'E. Salvage party from Grayson ultimately brings the tug (abandoned on 15 September 1942) and its tow safely into Espiritu Santo after a 400 mile voyage.

Japanese carrier Hiyo is damaged by engine room fire after departing Truk; she thus cannot participate in the Battle of Santa Cruz (see 26 October 1942).

Submarine Guardfish (SS-217) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Nichiho Maru about 120 miles north-northeast of Formosa, 27°03'N, 122°42'E.

Submarine Gudgeon (SS-212), attacking Japanese convoy in the Bismarck Sea, sinks transport Choko Maru about 110 miles west-northwest of Rabaul, 03°30'S, 150°30'E.

In advance of the North African landings, Major General Mark W. Clark, USA; Brigadier General Lyman M. Lemnitzer, USA; two additional Army officers; and Navy Captain Jerauld Wright are landed at Cherchel, French North Africa, from British submarine HMS Seraph to meet with a French military delegation to ascertain French attitudes toward impending Allied operations. Among issues discussed is the French request for an American submarine to evacuate General Giraud from occupied France. Since none is available for that mission, a British submarine under temporary U.S. command will be substituted (see 5 November 1942).

This Date In History Showing
Again & Again

1096 Seljuk Turks at Chivitot slaughter thousands of German crusaders. [Early Nazi-punching.]
1529 The Pope names Henry VIII of England Defender of the Faith after defending the seven sacraments against Luther. [How'd that work out for ya, Popey? Cue Herman's Hermits.]
1600 Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats his enemies in battle and affirms his position as Japan's most powerful warlord.
1917 The first U.S. troops enter the front lines at Sommerviller under French command.
1961 Bob Dylan records his first album in a single day at a cost of $400.
1967 The "March on the Pentagon," protesting American involvement in Vietnam, draws 50,000 protesters.
Demonstrators including radicals, liberals, black nationalists, hippies, professors, women’s groups, and war veterans march on the Pentagon.

The rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial started peacefully, though Dr. Benjamin Spock—baby specialist, author, and outspoken critic of the war—did call President Johnson “the enemy.” After the rally, the demonstrators, many waving the red, blue, and gold flag of the Viet Cong, began marching toward the Pentagon. Violence erupted when the more radical element of the demonstrators clashed with the soldiers and U.S. Marshals protecting the Pentagon.

The protesters surrounded and besieged the military nerve center until the early hours of October 23. By the time order was restored, 683 people, including novelist Norman Mailer and two United Press International reporters, had been arrested. This protest was paralleled by demonstrations in Japan and Western Europe, the most violent of which occurred outside the U.S. Embassy in London when 3,000 demonstrators attempted to storm the building.
Did not know this:
On this day in 1921, President Warren G. Harding delivers a speech in Alabama in which he condemns lynchings—illegal hangings committed primarily by white supremacists against African Americans in the Deep South.

Although his administration was much maligned for scandal and corruption, Harding was a progressive Republican politician who advocated full civil rights for African Americans and suffrage for women. He supported the Dyer Anti-lynching Bill in 1920. As a presidential candidate that year, he gained support for his views on women’s suffrage, but faced intense opposition on civil rights for blacks. The 1920s was a period of intense racism in the American South, characterized by frequent lynchings. In fact, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) reported that, in 1920, lynching claimed, on average, the lives of two African Americans every week.

During the 1920 presidential campaign, Harding’s ethnicity became a subject of debate and was used by his opponents to cast him in a negative light. Opponents claimed that one of Harding’s great-great-grandfathers was a native of the West Indies. Harding rebuffed the rumors, saying he was from white “pioneer stock” and persisted in his support of anti-lynching laws. Although the anti-lynching bill made it through the House of Representatives, it died in the Senate. Several other attempts to pass similar laws in the first half of the 20th century failed. In fact, civil rights for blacks people were not encoded into law until Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

Harding’s public denunciation of lynching would appear insincere if one were to believe allegations that he had actually been inducted into the Ku Klux Klan while in office. In 1987, historian Wyn Wade published The Fiery Cross, in which a former Ku Klux Klan member claimed to have witnessed Harding’s initiation into the Klan on the White House lawn. Scholars have since pored over Harding’s papers, but have found no evidence to support this allegation.
Important local action & inspiration. Eff yer bitch ass, Harrison Otis, & those of all your horrid descendants too:
A massive explosion destroys the Los Angeles Times building in the city’s downtown area, killing 21 and injuring many more. Since Los Angeles Times publisher Harrison Otis, a virulent opponent of unions, believed that the bomb was directed at him, he hired the nation’s premier private detective, William J. Burns, to crack the case. In addition to printing numerous editorials against unions, Otis was the leader of the Merchants and Manufacturing Association, a powerful group of business owners with extensive political connections.

Burns’ investigation led him to the Bridge and Structural Iron Workers Union and their treasurer, John J. McNamara. In April 1911, after Burns got a confession out of Ortie McManigal, who had allegedly been the intermediary between McNamara and two bomb experts, he personally arrested John McNamara and his brother in Indiana. Without any legal authority, Burns also managed to get the brothers to California, where they were to be prosecuted.

Union members and left-wing supporters rallied around the McNamara brothers. After a large defense fund was raised, union representatives pleaded with Clarence Darrow to take the case. Darrow, who was the best defense attorney America had to offer, had already gotten “Big Bill” Haywood, the union leader of the Industrial Workers of the World, off on murder charges in Idaho a few years earlier. Offered $50,000, he reluctantly took the case.

Even though public opinion supported the McNamaras, Darrow’s own investigation was turning up evidence to prove that the brothers were actually guilty. Even worse, members of the defense team were trying to bribe the jury just to keep up with the prosecution’s own bribery tactics. Darrow worked out a deal with Otis and the prosecutors that the brothers would plead guilty to escape the death penalty, which they did.

Nevertheless, this resolution was not satisfactory to either side, and Darrow got caught in the middle. Otis arranged for Darrow’s prosecution on bribery charges, and the union deserted the great defense lawyer. Not only did they refuse to pay his fee for the McNamara case, they refused to assist in his defense. Earl Rogers, a notorious drunk, but also a brash, formidable, and effective Los Angeles attorney, took Darrow’s case.

After a long trial, Rogers secured a mistrial for Darrow, who was later acquitted after a second trial. Darrow went on to try even more distinguished cases, including the Leopold and Loeb murder trial and the Scopes evolution trial.
And speaking of Nazis, as we are so often forced to here:
On this day in 1941, German soldiers go on a rampage, killing thousands of Yugoslavian civilians, including whole classes of schoolboys.

Despite attempts to maintain neutrality at the outbreak of World War II, Yugoslavia finally succumbed to signing a “friendship treaty” with Germany in late 1940, finally joining the Tripartite “Axis” Pact in March 1941. The masses of Yugoslavians protested this alliance, and shortly thereafter the regents who had been trying to hold a fragile confederacy of ethnic groups and regions together since the creation of Yugoslavia at the close of World War I fell to a coup, and the Serb army placed Prince Peter into power. The prince-now the king–rejected the alliance with Germany-and the Germans retaliated with the Luftwaffe bombing of Belgrade, killing about 17,000 people.

With Yugoslavian resistance collapsing, King Peter removed to London, setting up a government-in-exile. Hitler then began to carve up Yugoslavia into puppet states, primarily divided along ethnic lines, hoping to win the loyalty of some-such as the Croats-with the promise of a postwar independent state. (In fact, many Croats did fight alongside the Germans in its battle against the Soviet Union.) Hungary, Bulgaria, and Italy all took bites out of Yugoslavia, as Serb resisters were regularly massacred. On October 21, in Kragujevac, 2,300 men and boys were murdered; Kraljevo saw 7,000 more killed by German troops, and in the region of Macva, 6,000 men, women, and children were murdered.

Serb partisans, fighting under the leadership of the socialist Josef “Tito” Brozovich, won support from Britain and aid from the USSR in their battle against the occupiers. “The people just do not recognize authority…they follow the Communist bandits blindly,” complained one German official reporting back to Berlin.

Jet Wing Flies!

70 yrs. ago.Some text.

Dizzy Centenary

We'll take the word of whoever complied this compilation.

The Best of Dizzy Gillespie

"To Bop Or Not To Be" ©1990 Norsk Rikskringkasting

Interview with Dizzy Gillespie in Milwaukee - Originally aired 4/15/1972, WTMJ-TV

Not that big a fan of the trumpet (it can hurt my sensitive & shell-like ears, chalk-on-a-blackboard style) but for Diz I make an exception.

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Bela Lugosi's Birthday

135 yrs. old today, were he not DEAD.

Steel Scientist Survivors

TUE 20 OCT 1942
Heavy cruiser Chester (CA-27) is torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-176, 120 miles southeast of San Cristobal, Solomons, 13°31'S, 163°17'E.
General starboard quarter view of USS Chester (CA-27) after her arrival at
Espiritu Santo, 23 October 1942. Note missing armor plate above torpedo hole,
broken searchlight, bent CXAM radar & damaged life rafts, which occurred
20 October from a submarine fired torpedo. Source: Preliminary Design Branch,
Bureau of Ships Navy Department, War Loss/Damage Report No. 36
Submarine Drum (SS-228), attacking Japanese convoy off southern Honshu, sinks merchant cargo ship Ryunan Maru, 34°09'N, 136°46'E.

Submarine Finback (SS-230), attacking Japanese convoy off west coast of Formosa, damages army passenger-cargo ship Africa Maru and cargo ship Yamafuji Maru, 24°26'N, 120°25'E. Both sink the next morning.

Submarine Gar (SS-206) mines the approaches to Bangkok, Thailand.

Submarine Tautog (SS-199) sinks merchant trawler Nanshin Maru, 06°59'N, 119°20'E.

Remainder of crew (35 merchant seamen and nine Armed Guard sailors) from U.S. freighter Steel Scientist, sunk by German submarine U-514 on 11 October 1942, reach Paramaribo, British Guiana, in three lifeboats.

Friday Freak Out!

Jackie Mittoo - "Freak Out"

Wanna-Be Thug Trump Is
Actually Candy-Assed Punk

Why Trump Can't Handle the Cost of War

The president relishes bellicose language and performative violence, but seldom acknowledges its human toll.
At his campaign rallies, Trump tried to make this cartoon violence real. He often expressed a yearning to beat up protesters and congratulated his supporters when they did so on his behalf. Far from expressing concern that such violence might cause pain or even death, he described such concern as symptomatic of the cultural weakness he was running for president to overcome. “I’d like to punch him in the face,” Trump exclaimed as a protester was being escorted out of a rally in Las Vegas. “In the old days,” he added, such people were “carried out on stretchers” but unfortunately, “we’re not allowed to push back anymore.” Near Ferguson, Missouri, while bemoaning the time it was taking to eject a demonstrator, Trump declared that “part of the problem and part of the reason it takes so long is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” As guards removed protesters in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Trump said “They used to treat them very, very rough, and when they protested once, they would not do it again so easily.” As a society, he added, “we’ve become weak.” Since becoming president, Trump has tried to rectify this by urging police to “please don’t be too nice” with suspects. In August he said “tough police tactics” would stop the violence in Chicago “in a week.”

Another striking example of Trump’s refusal to face the human consequences of the violence he glorifies comes from his discussion of the NFL. The press has been filled in recent years with stories of former football players driven to suicide by the brain injuries they suffered on the field. But to Trump, they knew what they signed up for. In fact, he’s mocked the NFL for trying to minimize their suffering. Last year, when a woman at a Florida campaign rally passed out and then regained consciousness, Trump declared that, “That woman was out cold, and now she’s coming back. We don’t go by these new, and very much softer, NFL rules. Concussions. ‘Oh, oh! Got a little ding on the head. No, no, you can’t play for the rest of the season.’” In Iowa he said, “Football’s become soft like our country has become soft.”
Give this reporter one minute (30 secs., even) alone in a room w/ Trump & w/o his S.S. goons & thugs; we'll damn well see exactly who the fuck is "soft"!

[The Atlantic]

Seekin' Electricity

Lying fake news outlet C.N.N. claims:

It's been more than a month since St. John in U.S. Virgin Islands has
had any power

Four-Star Jarhead Lies, Pearl Choker Swears To It

Look it the fuck up yourself. It's all over the (fake) fucking news.

"The Father's A Nazi In Congress Today ..."

On this date 70 yrs. ago, Congressional paranoiacs declared war on the First Amendment & any & all other freedoms
the chumps of the day thought they had.
On October 20, 1947, the notorious Red Scare kicks into high gear in Washington, as a Congressional committee begins investigating Communist influence in one of the world’s richest and most glamorous communities: Hollywood.

After World War II, the Cold War began to heat up between the world’s two superpowers—the United States and the communist-controlled Soviet Union. In Washington, conservative watchdogs worked to out communists in government before setting their sights on alleged “Reds” in the famously liberal movie industry. In an investigation that began in October 1947, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) grilled a number of prominent witnesses, asking bluntly “Are you or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?” Whether out of patriotism or fear, some witnesses—including director Elia Kazan, actors Gary Cooper and Robert Taylor and studio honchos Walt Disney and Jack Warner—gave the committee names of colleagues they suspected of being communists.

A small group known as the “Hollywood Ten” resisted, complaining that the hearings were illegal and violated their First Amendment rights. They were all convicted of obstructing the investigation and served jail terms. Pressured by Congress, the Hollywood establishment started a blacklist policy, banning the work of about 325 screenwriters, actors and directors who had not been cleared by the committee. Those blacklisted included composer Aaron Copland, writers Dashiell Hammett, Lillian Hellman and Dorothy Parker, playwright Arthur Miller and actor and filmmaker Orson Welles.

Some of the blacklisted writers used pseudonyms to continue working, while others wrote scripts that were credited to other writer friends. Starting in the early 1960s, after the downfall of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the most public face of anti-communism, the ban began to lift slowly. In 1997, the Writers’ Guild of America unanimously voted to change the writing credits of 23 films made during the blacklist period, reversing—but not erasing—some of the damage done during the Red Scare.
HISTORY, for some reason, has two takes on all this:
The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) of the U.S. Congress opens its investigation into communist infiltration of the American movie industry on October 20, 1947. Chaired by Congressman Parnell Thomas, the subsequent hearings focused on identifying political subversives among Hollywood actors and actresses, writers, and directors. Although initially opposed by a group of Hollywood heavyweights such as Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Gene Kelly, the hearings proceeded. A number of witnesses, including studio owners Walt Disney and Jack Warner, and movie stars Robert Taylor and Gary Cooper, gave statements decrying the communist influence in the film industry; some specifically named colleagues whom they suspected of communist affiliations or sympathies. Another group of witnesses, including writers Dalton Trumbo and Ring Lardner Jr., were less forthcoming, and loudly complained that the hearings were illegal, and that questions about their political loyalties were inappropriate.

Eventually, the “Hollywood Ten,” as these protesting witnesses came to be known, were found in contempt of Congress and went on to serve jail terms.The fate of the Hollywood Ten terrified many in the film industry, and when new HUAC hearings started in 1951, Hollywood quickly buckled to the committee’s demands. Hundreds of performers, directors, writers, and others associated with the movies were placed on a “blacklist,” effectively banned from employment. Actors such as Zero Mostel and John Garfield saw their careers in film during the 1940s and 1950s destroyed for refusing to cooperate with HUAC. Hollywood also responded by turning out a bevy of films with anticommunist themes, such as I Was a Communist for the FBI (1951), Big Jim McClain (1952), and My Son John (1952).

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Hell On Earth

Barstow, CA, Summer 1965

Kiké! Kiké! Kiké!

Three homers from Dodger Hernández, one a grand slam. Sorry Chicago, & hoorah for the juiced ball era.

Were It Not For Submarines ...

... there'd be no naval war at all.
MON 19 OCT 1942
Small reconnaissance seaplane from Japanese submarine I-19 reconnoiters Nouméa, New Caledonia.

Destroyer O'Brien (DD-415), damaged by submarine torpedo on 15 September 1942, breaks in two and sinks en route to United States for repairs, 53 miles north-northwest of Tutuila, Samoa, 13°30'S, 171°18'E.
0757 on 19 Oct. 1942, with the bow and stern apparently held together by the main deck, piping and wiring.
Approximately one minute later the O'Brien was gone. Source: Navy Department Library,
War Damage Report No. 28 of the USS O'Brien (DD-415), Torpedo Damage and Loss, 15 Sept-19 Oct, 1942.
Submarine Amberjack (SS-219) arrives at Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, assigned temporarily to Commander, Aircraft, South Pacific, for duty. Over the next three days, two of the submarine's fuel tanks will be cleaned and converted to carry aviation gasoline. She will also take on board 100-pound bombs and embark USAAF enlisted ground crew for transportation to Guadalcanal.

SBDs (VS 71, VMSB 141, VB 6) from Henderson Field attack three Japanese destroyers north of Guadalcanal, damaging Uranami.

Submarine Grampus (SS-207) lands Australian coastwatchers on Choiseul Island, Solomons.

U.S. freighter Steel Navigator, straggling from convoy ON 137, is attacked by German submarine U-610; Steel Navigator briefly drives off the shadower with 5-inch gunfire, but the U-boat returns and torpedoes and sinks the freighter at 49°20'N, 32°00'W. Hastily launched motor boat swamps in heavy seas; no.3 lifeboat swamps as the ship plunges and spills its 35 occupants into the sea. U-610 surfaces and approaches the survivors' boats and rafts; when questions shouted by the submarine's commander fail to get answers, the enemy threatens to cut a raft in two. After answers are given in the brief interrogation, the Germans refuse to provide a course to the nearest land and depart. Subsequently, survivors right no.3 boat and redistribute themselves; the boats become separated (see 27 October 1942).

Fishing boat (nationality not determined) tows no.1 lifeboat, with 25 men on board, from U.S. freighter Coloradan, which had been torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-159 on 9 October 1942, into Thorne Bay, South Africa; the Americans reach Cape Town the next day (see 2 November 1942).

Master and radio operator in gig from U.S. freighter Steel Scientist, sunk by German submarine U-514 on 11 October 1942, reach Tarlogie, British Guiana (see 20 October 1942).

Long Ho Train

Clickbait title? You clicked (you nasty person) you decide.

Long ho train entering a siding on bad track.

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Check In Mail, Head In Ass

Better Late Than Never, But Never Better Late Dep't.

Trump sends $25,000 check to fallen soldier's family on same day as Washington Post report  —  STORY HIGHLIGHTS  —  Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump sent a $25,000 personal check to the family of a fallen soldier the same day that The Washington Post reported that he had promised …
If Trump had ever intended to send the check he would have done it immediately. Now let's see if the check is received & then clears, considering the lying bastard's record of stiffing people to the point they have to sue him.

Alaska: Ours For 150 Yrs.!

Title: A Good-Natured Map of Alaska showing the services offered by "The Alaska Line" and
suggesting some of the most interesting features of the Territory Map Maker: Edward Camy
Place / Date: Seattle / 1939                Available here at a mere US$675.00.
Plus which: Mason & Dixon draw their line, 250 yrs. ago; Mr. October, 40 yrs. ago.

Other land grabs: Puerto Rico, this date in 1898.

From HISTORY, for the illiterati:

G.T.F.O., Thad Cochran, You've Lost It!

Another Republican office-holder w/ whom the party is just fine, 'though he seems even less there than Trump.
The 79-year-old Cochran appeared frail and at times disoriented during a brief hallway interview on Wednesday. He was unable to answer whether he would remain chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and at one point, needed a staffer to remind him where the Senate chamber is located.

“Don’t believe everything you hear,” Cochran said in a low voice when asked whether he plans to retire after 44 years in office.

However, when queried about whether he would stay on as Appropriations chairman, Cochran seemed confused and just repeated the question. “As chairman of the Appropriations Committee?” Cochran asked.

Cochran had to be guided by staffers around a security checkpoint inside the Capitol. He started to walk into a first-floor room — though the Senate chamber is on the second floor. He was then ushered by an aide up to the Senate.

When another reporter asked whether leadership had pressured Cochran to return for a vote on the budget resolution — a key moment in the tax reform debate — Cochran smiled and responded, “It’s a beautiful day outside.”

Cochran sat quietly in his seat during Wednesday's lengthy vote session. He smiled and responded when a fellow senator stopped by to offer greetings, but generally did not speak to anyone else.

On one amendment, Cochran voted “yes” despite being told by an aide to vote “no.” The staffer tried to get the senator to switch his vote, but Cochran kept flashing the “thumbs up” sign, even walking over to the clerk tallying the vote and doing so. GOP floor staffers repeatedly told him the leadership wanted a "no" vote. Several more moments passed before Cochran realized he was voting the wrong way and then changed his vote.
If he starts to succeed at voting contrarily to what his handlers tell him maybe Senate Republicans will change their minds, but for now:
Top Senate Republicans say they are not pressuring Cochran to retire or step down as Appropriations Committee chairman, a powerful perch from which he helps oversee hundreds of billions of dollars in government spending each year. Cochran made a career of steering federal dollars back home, working with former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) for years to ensure their state benefited from hundreds of “earmarks” inserted in annual appropriations bills.


Cochran is up for reelection in 2020, and Republicans are desperate for him to stay in office and avoid a special election.
Must be why they call it the Grand OLD Party.

"Bull" Replaces Bob; "Fish" Failure

SUN 18 OCT 1942
Vice Admiral William F. Halsey Jr. relieves Vice Admiral Robert L. Ghormley as Commander South Pacific Area and South Pacific Force, on board auxiliary Argonne (AG-31) at Nouméa, New Caledonia.

From our friends at HISTORY:
On this day in 1942, Vice. Adm. William F. Halsey replaces Vice Adm. Robert L. Ghormley as commander, South Pacific.

The man nicknamed “Bull” by the press began his military career as a destroyer commander during World War I. Halsey was made a captain at the age of 53, earned his naval aviator’s wings, and was promoted to vice admiral in 1940. But it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor that would mark out his future for him. Halsey’s task force was one of the few functioning battle groups left after the destruction of so much of the American fleet, placing him in the position of making the unpredictable and aggressive strategic decisions for which he would become renowned.

In 1942, he led surprise attacks on the Marshall and Gilbert Islands and supported the American reinforcement of troops on Samoa. It was his task force (a temporary organization of a fleet for a specific operation) that carried the 16 B-25 bombers for Jimmy Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo in April 1942. By this time, Halsey’s reputation for being where the action was had made him arguably the most famous American admiral of the war. And so it is ironic that he missed two major Naval engagements: the Battle of the Coral Sea (his fleet was not strategically positioned to participate) and the Battle of Midway (a severe case of dermatitis put him out of commission).

But by October 1942, Halsey was back just in time to be appointed commander of South Pacific operations by Admiral Nimitz, who wanted Vice Admiral Ghormley replaced. (Ghormley had suffered several defeats militarily and severe cases of indecision and anxiety personally.) Brilliant work in the capture of the Solomon Islands and New Guineas led to Halsey’s promotion to full admiral. His career continued to strike awe in his admirers and terror in his enemies, as he succeeded in destroying the Japanese fleet in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944, and commanding U.S. forces in the operations that led to the capture of Okinawa and the surrender of the Japanese there.
Submarine Grampus (SS-207) torpedoes Japanese light cruiser Yura 07°47'S, 157°19'E, but her "fish" fails to explode.
SILENT SERVICE: The Evolution of Torpedoes
©2000 A&E TELEVISION NETWORKS All Rights Reversed
Submarine Greenling (SS-213) sinks Japanese transport Hakonesan Maru close inshore off northeast coast of Honshu, 38°46'N, 142°03'E.

U.S. freighter Angelina, straggling from New York-bound convoy ON 137, is again torpedoed by German submarine U-618 at 49°39'N, 30°20'W, and abandoned; an "exceptionally heavy sea" claims 33 crewmen and 13 Armed Guards; British rescue ship Bury rescues six men (one of whom dies later) from a raft and three from a lifeboat. Only four merchant seamen and four Armed Guards thus survive the ship's loss.

U.S. freighter Steel Navigator, also straggling from convoy ON 137, takes on 40° list as her sand ballast shifts; Armed Guard volunteers shovel ballast for 30 hours without relief (reducing the list to 12°) until financial bonus offered by ship's master induces reluctant merchant sailors to lend a hand in the arduous work (see 19 October 1942).

Good News For The Planet?

You're all going to die, &, it is sincerely to be hoped, much sooner than expected.
“Insects make up about two-thirds of all life on Earth [but] there has been some kind of horrific decline,” said Prof Dave Goulson of Sussex University, UK, and part of the team behind the new study. “We appear to be making vast tracts of land inhospitable to most forms of life, and are currently on course for ecological Armageddon. If we lose the insects then everything is going to collapse.”
I, however, will stay here long enough to piss on every one of your graves* while shouting "I told you so, idiots!"

*As if there would be graves. There won't be enough of the livng to bury the dead.

First World Problem

Anthony Cuthbertson / Newsweek:
HACKED BUTT PLUG CAN BE CONTROLLED ‘FROM ANYWHERE’  —  Researchers have discovered a serious security flaw with a Bluetooth-enabled butt plug that allows hackers to remotely take control of the vibrating sex toy.  —  Italian security researcher Giovanni Mellini published his findings …
One can only assume that Newsweek's readership has a higher proportion of butt-plug users than the average magazine; why else would they bother?

Today In Charity, Giving & Lying

Tom Dreisbach / NPR:
A Trump Golf Course Said It Gave Millions To Charity.  Here's What The Numbers Say  —  Throughout his presidential campaign and since, President Trump has made bold assertions about his charitable giving.  But as the Washington Post has thoroughly documented, those boasts of philanthropy don't always stand up to scrutiny.
Washington Post:
Trump offered a grieving military father $25,000 in a call, but didn't follow through  —  President Trump, in a personal phone call to a grieving military father, offered him $25,000 and said he would direct his staff to establish an online fundraiser for the family, but neither happened, the father said.

Jointed Rail & Rotten Track

Attention to the details of entropy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trigger Warning

SAT 17 OCT 1942
Submarine Trigger (SS-237) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Holland Maru close inshore near the mouth of Bungo Suido, off Kyushu, 32°21'N, 132°04'E.

U.S. freighter Angelina, straggling from New York-bound convoy ON 137, is torpedoed by German submarine U-618 at 49°39'N, 30°20'W (see 18 October 1942).

U.S. freighter Winona torpedoed the day before by German submarine ;U-160, arrives at Port of Spain, Trinidad, under her own power.

Adultery Is Forever


Politics raises its ugly haid in the world of sports (again). Glibertarian bullshit, to be specific.
The Heritage Foundation has narrowed its search for a new president down to a shortlist of finalists, a group that includes Todd Ricketts, a co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, and Marc Short, a senior Trump White House official, according to three people familiar with the discussions.
Crush those fascist bastards, Dodgers! Maybe even burn down Wrigley Field when the Cubs are toast.

Drifting ...

The Drifters top the U.S. pop charts on October 17, 1960, with "Save the Last Dance For Me."
While many famous pop groups saw changes in lineup over the course of their careers, none saw as many as the Drifters. From 1953 to 1956, the original lineup of the Drifters established themselves as R&B giants, scoring a #1 R&B hit with "Money Honey" (1953) and launching the solo career of the legendary Clyde McPhatter. When McPhatter left the group, he sold his 50-percent ownership stake in the Drifters' name and song copyrights to his sole partner, the group's manager, George Treadwell. And from that point forward, Treadwell ran the Drifters as a business in which the group's singers were paid a modest weekly salary but did not share in royalty earnings. This arrangement did little to encourage longevity among group members, but Treadwell's ear for talent kept the group relevant and successful for many years to come.

Following McPhatter's departure in 1956, Treadwell ran through six different lead singers in two years before firing the entire group in 1958 and starting over from scratch. Version 2.0 of the Drifters was a group centered around lead singer Benjamin Nelson and originally called the Five Crowns. With that group taking on the new name "the Drifters," and with Nelson changing his to Ben E. King, a new era of success for the group began. Placed in the hands of producer Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller by their label, Atlantic Records, these new Drifters scored immediate hits with "There Goes My Baby" (1959) and "This Magic Moment" (1960) followed by the song that topped the Billboard pop charts on this day in 1960, "Save The Last Dance For Me."

But this was not the last lineup of the Drifters to enjoy success. Following Ben. E. King's departure in 1960, group member Rudy Lewis took over lead singing duties on the hits "Up On The Roof" (1963) and "On Broadway" (1963), and following Lewis's death in 1964, Johnny Moore took over and scored yet another hit with "Under The Boardwalk" (1964).

Considering the group's track record, it was little wonder that voters for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame selected the Drifters for induction in 1988 alongside the Beatles, the Supremes, the Beach Boys and Bob Dylan. The thorny question was, "Which Drifters to induct?" From among more than 30 singers who had been Drifters up to that point in time, the Hall of Fame selected seven for induction, including all four of the aforementioned lead singers: Clyde McPhatter, Ben E. King, Rudy Lewis and Johnny Moore.
Other crap that happened on this date:

How Dumb Is Donald Trump?

Per New York (the magazine, not the whole damn city).
But there is one sense in which Trump is genuinely a man of the people — or, more precisely, of a certain subsegment of said people: Like millions of ordinary Americans, Donald Trump watches a lot of Fox News, but isn’t really interested in politics.

No occupant of the Oval Office has ever shared the average person’s disinterest in policy, parliamentary procedure, and the rudiments of American civics to the extent that Trump does. He is America’s first “low-information voter” president.
Does that answer the question?

Scientology Scammers Scared

Alexandra Bruell / Wall Street Journal:
Scientologists are urging advertisers to boycott A&E's Leah Remini show, claiming it's inciting acts of violence and threats against members of the church  —  Letters claim program has triggered harassment, threats of violence against church members; channel backs the show, which won an Emmy
Sounds good to me. Evil must be resisted by any means necessary. Think I'll call the local Scientology shithole (Plenty from which to choose here in Los Angeles.) right now & tell them there's a 💣bomb💣 in their building, & L. Ron Hubbard is still dead.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Poop On Pence

Surprising that Pence wants to "hang the homos"
When the conversation turned to gay rights, Trump motioned toward Pence and joked, “Don’t ask that guy—he wants to hang them all!”
considering that his older brother is in the "antiques business".
Eighty-four and energetic, Fritsch met me for coffee this summer, along with her eldest son, Gregory, who is in the antiques business in the Columbus area.
Other typical tidbits from the Republican life-style:
Edward, Jr., like his father, was a tough disciplinarian. Gregory recalled, “If you lied to him, you’d be taken upstairs, have a conversation, and then he’d whack you with a belt.” He expected his children to stand up whenever an adult entered the room. “He’d grab you if you didn’t,” Gregory said. At dinner, the kids were forbidden to speak. [O.K., this one is beyond me. What the hell? — M.B.]

While Gregory was in college, he was sleeping late on a visit home when his father pulled the covers off him and told him to get up for church. “I said he couldn’t tell me what to do anymore, because he was only paying half my college tuition,” Gregory said. His father stopped paying his tuition altogether. “He was black and white,” Gregory said. “You were never confused where you stood. My brother’s a lot like him.”
Sadistic assholery, intolerance & lack of nuance from mom & dad seems to be a significant factor in the lives of Republicans when they are young. Especially Republicans who are so confused they call their wives "Mother" & believe there is a Big Invisible Fairy watching them from somewhere in the sky.

Essentially, we have to Agnew Pence the fuck out of office before we execute impeachment on Trump.

Dana "SuperBeets" Loesch
Running Scared

Steve M. breaks down the gun pitch this professional mouth-piece has been trying to pimp, along w/ "SuperBeets".
Loesch's notorious recent NRA ad referred to the organization as "freedom's safest place." But she doesn't claim to feel safe now. Loesch used to joke about people who stalked and threatened her. Now she's telling us her arsenal isn't sufficient.

The gun lobby's message is that guns will make you invincible in a dangerous world. Crime? Government tyranny? Say hello to my little friend!

But her arsenal isn't working against threats like this from anonymous randos. It certainly wouldn't be enough to fight off a well-armed government bent on tyranny. So the marketing of guns seems to be based on a lie.
As if everything isn't a lie.

Stupid Question Of The Day

A ninny w/ a "tumblr" (What the hell is that, anyway? Do you have to sign up & give them your first-born in order to leave comments there? Fuck it either way, just more bullshit that allows people not to be responsible for anything they say or do.) asks
Random sports question #3:
Why do baseball coaches and managers wear players’ uniforms as they coach? No other sport has 60 year old men dress like they’re about to run onto the field of play and have at ‘em. It’s fundamentally undignified.
Prof, if you don't know anything about the game just keep it to yourself. Here's the fucking deal: In baseball, the first- & third-base coaches are on the field & participate in the game at a much greater level than some N.B.A. coach in a fucking suit & tie screaming "Pass it!" from the bench. And pitching coaches & managers are allowed to visit the mound & consult w/ the pitcher. So in a sense they are "about to run onto the field of play and have at ‘em". Except the "having at 'em".

In all the other major sports, a coach coming on the actual playing field/court is a technical violation & can result in penalties to the offender's team. No idea about hockey, but I'd guess not there either. (Plus slipping on the ice & hurting oneself.) Soccer pitches, I've no idea, but I can't see it being any different than real sports. Baseball being the exception to the other sports as far as managers/coaches on the gridiron/court/ice/pitch, now do you understand?

File this one under "Someone is wrong on the iNternet & I will not rest until his head is removed from his ass."

Sub Lays Mines

FRI 16 OCT 1942
Japanese surface force (Rear Admiral Omori Sentaro), with heavy cruisers Maya and Myoko, and Rear Admiral Tanaka Raizo, with light cruiser Isuzu and seven destroyers, shells Henderson Field.

TF 17, formed around carrier Hornet (CV-8) (Rear Admiral George D. Murray), strikes Japanese troops on Guadalcanal, and seaplane base at Rekata Bay, Santa Isabel, Solomons.

Seaplane tender (destroyer) McFarland (AVD-14) is damaged by Japanese dive bombers, Lunga Roads, Guadalcanal, 09°24'S, 160°02'E.

After attacks by PBYs fail, USAAF B-26s (11th Air Force) sink Japanese destroyer Oboro about 20 miles northeast of Sirius Point, Kiska, 52°17'N, 178°08'E, and damage destroyer Hatsuharu.

Submarine Thresher (SS-200) mines the approaches to Bangkok, Thailand, in the first U.S. Navy submarine mine plant of World War II.

U.S. freighter Winona in convoy bound for Rio de Janeiro, is torpedoed by German submarine U-160 at 11°00'N, 61°10'W; and veers out of line, grazing the stern of steamship Austvangen. One merchant seaman and two Armed Guard sailors suffer injuries in the attack, but there are no fatalities among the 42-man crew or 15-man Armed Guard (see 17 October 1942).

Who The Hell Gave This Stupid
Witch A Teaching Credential?

Face it: "Teaching" is nothing but fascist indoctrination. Stop trying to control people, you pathetic little Hitlers!Seems as if Mr. Student Body President here has already had his brain washed, w/ his inane "let Mommy & Daddy in the administration make a bullshit statement before the students stand up for themselves" ass-licking. Fuck the administration. You think they're any better than the ignorant idiots they hire to "teach"?

[Hither, via yon.]

Official Baseball Position

Thinkers in blue, dumb crackers in red.
Pulling for the Yankees in the American League; let's have a "World" Series w/ real, rational Americans, not fly-over fuckheads from the Central Time Zone whose ancestors were driven out of the coastal cities & forced to farm for a living because they couldn't read or write, & whose dense descendants haven't learned anything since.

Also: This reporter lived in Houston for about six yrs. in 1970-71.
Fuck their flooded asses.

Biggest Lie Of The Day (So Far)

Naomi Jagoda / The Hill:
White House paper: Corporate tax cut would boost wages  —  The White House on Monday is rolling out a paper arguing that the GOP's plan to slash the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent would “very conservatively” increase average household income by $4,000 per year.
Yes, this has worked so well every time it's been tried since prior demented idiot moron Reagan started the lie. It's why your wages are so much higher now than in the 1980s, when this bullshit was first tried.

Stairway To The Stars

Is this Republican candidate any more mentally & psychologically disturbed than Trump?
McClatchy Washington Bureau:
Miami politician says aliens took her on a spaceship.  Now she's running for Congress.  —  WASHINGTON  —  Florida has a U.S. senator who once flew aboard the Space Shuttle.  —  A congressional candidate from Miami can go one better: Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera says she's been aboard a spaceship too.

From The Nation's Adult Day Care Center, in Washington ...

Disturbed old man, if I may. "Sick fuck", even. He is a clear & present danger to our nation, shithole that it is, & should immediately be removed from office (BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY) before he kills the rest of us.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trump Piss Christ: The President Effect

terminal pictures/Andre Perkowski

Clusterfuck Off San Cristobal

THU 15 OCT 1942
Submarine Base, Fremantle-Perth, Australia, is established.

Patrol Wing 14 (Captain William M. McDade) is established at San Diego, California, for operations in Western Sea Frontier.

Heavy cruiser Portland (CA-33) bombards Japanese shipping and installations at Tarawa, Gilberts.

Japanese heavy cruisers Chokai and Kinugasa (Vice Admiral Mikawa Gunichi) bombard Henderson Field, covering the movement of six destroyers and eleven transports to Tassafaronga, Guadalcanal. Planes from Henderson Field, including USMC and Navy SBDs (VMSB 141, VB 6, other unidentified units), USAAF B-17s and P-39/P-400s, Navy F4Fs (VF 5), and USMC PBY (personal "flag" plane of Commanding General 1st Marine Aircraft Wing), conduct a succession of attacks upon Japanese supply convoy off Tassafaronga undamaged by VS 3's strike the previous day. USAAF B-17s damage transport Azumasan Maru which, along with merchant cargo ship Kyushu Maru, is run aground, where uncontrollable fires destroy both ships. Air attacks also sink Sasago Maru and damage destroyer Samidare.

Off San Cristobal, Solomons, destroyer Meredith (DD-434) takes on board the crew of tug Vireo (AT-144) at approach of planes from Japanese carriers Shokaku and Zuikaku. Before Meredith can scuttle the tug with a torpedo to prevent her from falling into enemy hands, however, the destroyer is overwhelmed and sunk in the ensuing air attack, by bombs and aerial torpedoes; Vireo and her tow (a gasoline barge), though, having been abandoned, drift off, untouched by the enemy. Some Meredith survivors reach safety on board the tug (see 21 October 1942).

Submarine Skipjack (SS-184) engages Japanese auxiliary Kifuku Maru at 04°36'N, 146°59'E. Skipjack's torpedoes miss; Kifuku Maru returns fire with her guns and escapes into a rain squall.

More Shit Not To Buy, Ever!

Dana Loesch, professional pimp.
She'll sell anything, including vicious fascist lies & calls to violence.Worst person in the world? Mmmmm, could be.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

This Date In Human Idiocy & Events

55 yrs. ago, the CubanSoviet-American missile crisis got underway.
60 yrs. ago today, the Everly Bros. hit the top of the charts for the first time.
Harmony singing was a part of rock and roll right from the beginning, but the three- and four-part harmonies of doo-wop, derived from black gospel and blues traditions, would never have given us Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles or the Byrds. To get those groups, you first had to have the Everly Brothers, whose ringing, close-harmony style introduced a whole new sound into the rock-and-roll vocabulary: the sound of Appalachia set to hard-driving acoustic guitars and a subtle backbeat rhythm. One of the most important and influential groups in the history of rock and roll, the Everly Brothers burst onto the music scene in 1957 with their first big hit, "Bye Bye Love," which was quickly followed with their first #1 song, "Wake Up Little Susie," which topped the Billboard pop chart on this day in 1957.
Bonus: Hideous Ed Sullivan Show arrangement.70 yrs. ago, the speed of sound was exceeded.
Where is speedster pilot Chuck Yeager today? Being celebrated at the N.L.C.S.
Second Amendment History: 105 yrs. ago today Teddy "Big Stick" Roosevelt got plugged in Milwaukee (& we all know how painful that can be).
Before a campaign speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Theodore Roosevelt, the presidential candidate for the Progressive Party, is shot at close range by saloonkeeper John Schrank while greeting the public in front of the Gilpatrick Hotel. Schrank’s .32-caliber bullet, aimed directly at Roosevelt’s heart, failed to mortally wound the former president because its force was slowed by a glasses case and a bundle of manuscript in the breast pocket of Roosevelt’s heavy coat–a manuscript containing Roosevelt’s evening speech. Schrank was immediately detained and reportedly offered as his motive that “any man looking for a third term ought to be shot.”

Roosevelt, who suffered only a flesh wound from the attack, went on to deliver his scheduled speech with the bullet still in his body. After a few words, the former “Rough Rider” pulled the torn and bloodstained manuscript from his breast pocket and declared, “You see, it takes more than one bullet to kill a Bull Moose.” He spoke for nearly an hour and then was rushed to the hospital.

Despite his vigorous campaign, Roosevelt, who served as the 26th U.S. president from 1901 to 1909, was defeated by Democrat Woodrow Wilson in November. Shrank was deemed insane and committed to a mental hospital, where he died in 1943.
Two fucking words, would-be assassins: HEAD SHOT!!

951 yrs. ago, the Battle of Hastings was fought, beginning the long (& not yet finished) struggle to civilize the Brits.

Pix, moving, for the uncivilized & illiterate.And for the functionally literate, from the barely literate.

It's An Underwater World

WED 14 OCT 1942
Motor torpedo boats PT-60, PT-38, PT-46, and PT-48 (Lieutenant Commander Alan R. Montgomery) engage Japanese surface force (Rear Admiral Kurita Takeo) comprising battleships Haruna and Kongo, light cruiser Isuzu, and seven destroyers bombarding Henderson Field, Guadalcanal. Destroyer Naganami turns back the motor torpedo boats; Japanese bombardment destroys 48 of 90 planes at the field, putting the facility temporarily out of action. PT-60 is damaged by grounding on coral reef off Guadalcanal.

SBDs (Guadalcanal-based VS 3) attack six-ship Japanese convoy escorted by eight destroyers heading southward toward Guadalcanal between Santa Isabel and Florida Islands, 08°50'S, 160°00'E, but inflict no damage.

Japanese submarine I-7 shells Espiritu Santo.

Submarine Finback (SS-230), attacking Japanese convoy, sinks army transport Teison Maru about 20 miles off Tansui harbor, on northwest tip of Formosa, 25°20'N, 121°25'E.

Submarine Greenling (SS-213) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Takusei Maru six miles off Todo Zaki, off northeast coast of Honshu, 39°33'N, 142°15'E.

Submarine Grampus (SS-207) lands Australian coastwatchers on coast of Vella Lavella (see 19 October 1942).

Submarine Sculpin (SS-191) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Sumiyoshi Maru 75 miles southwest of Kavieng, New Ireland, 03°51'S, 151°21'E.

Submarine Skipjack (SS-184) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Shunko Maru about 450 miles west-southwest of Truk, 05°35'N, 144°25'E.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Answered Prayers

A question the answer to which disgraced ex-Alabama justice Moore may not like.

Roy Moore Poetically Asks
‘How Much Longer Will It Be
Before His Judgment Comes?’

Johnnie Clarke - "None Shall Escape The Judgement" b/w "This A The Best Version"

As he did during the luncheon held at the Values Voter Summit today, Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore closed out the remarks he delivered from the main stage by reciting a poem he wrote, “America The Beautiful,” which warns that God’s judgment will fall upon this land if the nation does not repent.

Moore said that he is often criticized for infusing his politics with talk of God but that he intends to continue doing so because “when you forget God, you can forget politics … For me, it’s a question of freedom or slavery.”

“This is an awful moment for our country,” Moore said as he quoted Patrick Henry. “Should I keep back my opinions at such a time as this I would consider myself guilty of treason toward my country and an act of disloyalty toward the majesty of heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.”

“We must act, we must fight and appeal to God as our only hope,” Moore stated as he began to recite his poem:
Eat shit & die, theocratic fuckstick. If you hate this country so much, get the hell out before Jah Ras Tafari comes in judgement!

Dogfaces Show Up, Two Months Late

TUE 13 OCT 1942
1st Marine Division is reinforced by 164th Infantry Regiment of Americal Division, the first major U.S. Army unit to reach Guadalcanal.

Small reconnaissance seaplane from Japanese submarine I-7 reconnoiters Espiritu Santo.

Japanese submarine I-30 is sunk by mine, three miles east of Singapore (see 9 September 1942).

North Russia
German torpedo bombers attacking convoy PQ 18.

U.S. freighter Susana, in convoy SC 104 and bound for Cardiff, Wales, is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-221, 53°41'N, 41°23'W; 27 of the 42-man crew perish with the ship, as do 10 of the 16-man Armed Guard. British rescue ship Gothland rescues the six Armed Guard survivors and the 15 merchant seamen who survive Susana's loss.

U.S. freighter West Humhaw rescues 18 survivors of freighter John Carter Rose, sunk by U-201 and U-202 on 8 October 1942. Argentinean tanker Santa Cruz picks up the remainder of those who survive the merchantman's loss.