Sunday, December 25, 2016

Not Yet Inaugurated, But Here's The First Scandal Of The Trump Admin.

Real record-setters on Team Lump, aren't they? Especially chinless hairless humanoid chihuahua Miller, & Delgado, who is (obviously) a complete idiot.

This is but the first of many actions that will clearly demonstrate the complete lack of judgment, common sense & reason to which we are about to be subjected.
Has there ever been a larger collection of has-beens, never-weres, nobodies & wanna-bes than the Trump Organization, the campaign & now the appointees?

Interesting sidebar: Lizard person/Trump "counselor" Kellyanne Conway apparently didn't get the memo about which gender its lizard masters have assigned it. "Other" men. Heh indeed.
Here Ms. Conway is seen unhinging her lower jaw just prior to consuming the small animal wrapped around her throat.
Dominick Reuter-AFP-Getty Images

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