Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just What This World Of Shit & Pain Needs: More Overpriced Piss

Before Howie got his hands on it.
Does "high-end" mean "sticks its ass in the air"?
Starbucks Corp. said Howard Schultz is stepping down as chief executive so he can devote all of his time to a new strategic initiative* of opening high-end coffee shops for the 45-year-old company.
Web of Evil rates for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (as if you care or it mattered).

[From the elitist pig Wall Street Journal, which won't let commoners like you read their crap beyond the first paragraph or so. Therefore, why bother w/ a link? Or, indeed, anything the fuck at all?]
*When this reporter hears the phrase "strategic initiative" I check if my wallet is still there, & then I reach for my revolvercarbon-fiber composite high-capacity magazine semi-automatic sidearm.


Unknown said...

I think the original quote from Goring was "reach for my automatic." but it frequently is rendered "pistol" which is sufficiently vague that "revolver" isn't too much of a stretch.

M. Bouffant said...

Learning Something New Every Day Editor:
Eckshully, it appears to be from a play. "When I hear the word culture ... I release the safety on my Browning!" (Thought it was Goebbels, myself, & real.)