Friday, December 23, 2016

Acorn Academy Update

Nope, Popular-Vote-Loser-Select Trump isn't "mentally ill", he is psychologically disturbed. Which sounds worse, actually. Shorter Stalinist condemnation of Trumpy-the-Toad.Longer one available at HuffPo. And a HuffPo update:
Note: A clinical psychologist wrote the author to confirm (and expand upon) the dire analysis of Dr. Lynne Meyer and the concerns of the three professors in this article. It is worth including here, especially her very unique perspectives on the role of Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

“Dr. Meyer is spot on in her assessment in the video. It is particularly good to hear her make the distinction between mental illness and personality disorders with their pervasive, inflexible, permanently fixed and incurable patterns of pathological behavior. This is one aspect of Trump’s problem that’s routinely misunderstood, even by some experts.

She also makes an excellent observation, among many, about Trump’s grandiosity being behind his refusal to have daily intelligence briefings.

Another, and related reason is the fact that he is cognitively so limited that such briefings make no sense to him (and that’s why he wants Ivanka, for example, or Jared with him during similar occasions, to help him understand what’s being said). Additionally, and also relatedly, his profoundly deficient attention makes it impossible for him to focus on any stimuli that do not provide him with adulation.He’s quickly bored by and dismissive of anything that does not have to do with himself.

The point about him getting worse in the future also cannot be overstated. An increasing paranoia combined with growing sadistic vindictiveness is pretty much a given. We have seen it consistently in other leaders, past and present, with this character defect.

And being so impulsive and without a conscience, he won’t stop for a moment before putting his primitive impulses into action. Those who believe that they can somehow “control” him, or that our democratic “checks and balances” can withstand the collusion between his personal pathology and that of his willing sycophants, are deluded, I’m afraid.

The man is unfit to run a lemonade stand, much less a country. That so many have decided to ignore his profound character defect, or turn it into an asset in their eyes, is horrific, but, sadly, not surprising”
Buckle up for your ride in the toad-mobile, America!Reality, or reality television, is not Disneyland. You may never see the light at the end of the tunnel in the real world.

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