Monday, November 28, 2016

Typical Trumpites

She seems nice. Apparently being informed that Michael's is out of big free bags but you can buy one for a dollar is the worst reverse-racism & discrimination possible.Doesn't seem to be suffering from much economic anxiety, does she?

Are these fucking people mind-readers? How can they tell they're being "discriminated" against for voting Trump? Another winner:

Man who yelled ‘Trump!’ in viral Starbucks video: ‘I had a bad day’

Previous bad days: the one in 2008 when he was arrested on a DUI charge. The one a week later when he was again charged with DUI. And the day in 2014 when he was charged with domestic violence, which was later dropped. And there were all those days, going back years, when he emailed the Miami Herald with rants against Cubans, women, immigrants, gays and lesbians, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Sanguesa, 53, was identified Thursday after the video went viral. He told the Miami Herald he had apologized to Starbucks — then did a quick turnaround threatening to sue the company for discrimination and causing him to lose business.

“I had a bad day. I was wrong for screaming at her. I have since apologized,” Sanguesa said Thursday morning.

In a second interview with the Herald, he added: “My attorneys want to file a lawsuit. No one saw the first part of the video. I was completely done wrong. I was racially discriminated against. I was refused service. I was wrong to get upset, but I was racially discriminated against.

“She wouldn’t serve me,” he said. “She knew I was a Trump supporter and wouldn’t give me my coffee.”
Not to mock the afflicted (Much. On the other hand, IM1RU12?) but ...
Sanguesa, who said he suffers from mental illness and did not take his medication the day of the incident . . .
Is that what happened? Did the lesser part of American voters just "forget" their medication on 8 November?

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