Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Picking The Winners

P.B.S. prognosticates.
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Have now marked the mail-in ballot, detached the ballot stub, placed the ballot in the ballot secrecy sleeve & sealed the whole mess in the signed & dated ballot return envelope. Now, an eight-block walk to the polls to drop it like a hand grenade.

Interesting that Donald J. Trump & Michael R. Pence are on the American Independent Party ticket as well as running as Republicans in the Golden State. Yep, that's the ran-George-Wallace-in-1968 (& won five states) A.I.P. (not to be confused w/ Hollywood's American International Pictures, of course).

Our Presidential vote went to old stand-by (since 1967) Cali's own Peace & Freedom Party. LA RIVA-BANKS 2016! (Pretty much took the party's advice on all 17 Props. as well.)

Voted underdog (U.S. Senate)/anti-incumbent (U.S. Rep. & Assembly Member) for each "voter-nominated office". As noted before, "California's nonpartisan blanket primary ensures this reporter couldn't vote for a Republican (other than the Presidential ticket) even if he wanted to"; no one for whom I voted will win, but why not attempt to throw the bastards out? And while it wasn't intentional, I'm sensing a Hillary Clinton-ish theme here: Both Dems running aginst (male) incumbents are of the female persuasion, as are the four judicial candidates for whom I voted, on the basis of Democratic Party endorsements. Another good basis: Any site prominently displaying this:
Warning: Do NOT Vote for a Judicial Activist
tells you exactly how not to vote.

And our U.S. Sen. choice was between two wymyn of color, vying to replace a Jewish woman. Matter of days until Gawd punishes us w/ an earthquake commensurate w/ our sins, we s'pose.

Except the Clinton-ish theme stops at Gloria La Rivas, Peace & Freedom's Presidential candidate. You can have your first female President cake w/o eating it w/ Sec'y. Clinton or Dr. Stein!

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