Thursday, November 17, 2016

Memento Mori

Striking image, grim reminder of your eventual fate.
A fossilized skeleton of a human who was buried beneath a floor in a family home in Ain Ghazal,
a 10,000-year-old farming village in Jordan. Credit: C. Blair/The Ain Ghazal Archaeological Project
Funny how farmers started what passes for civilization yet now despise the civilized. Effin' hicks.

Science has been wandering about fixated on the only & obvious:
“We got fixated on the very few things we just happened to see preserved in the archaeological record, and we got this false impression that this was an abrupt change,” Dr. Zeder said. “Now we really understand there was this long period where they’re playing around with resources.”
As often happens, guesses w/in a few thousand yrs., give or take, about just when people started this or that crap
or when they moved (& turned their new home into a wasteland) recede farther into the mists; now the D.N.A. people
are finding many candidates for earlier blame. If you care, click. (If not, why should I continue typi ...

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