Saturday, October 8, 2016

"Who's Doing The Raping?"

Guess.Calls for Trump to drop out echo through the empty heads of This Great Nation of Deplorable Dipshits™.

Utah Gov. Herbert and Rep. Chaffetz pull Trump endorsements, Huntsman says Trump should drop out after explicit video leaks

We trimmed this headline to emphasize our musical point.

Republicans Calling for
Donald Trump to Drop Out

Ambulatory cream cheese sculpture (iNternet traditions-wise that's Betty Cracker's apt description.
What do you think?) Hugh Hewitt is in no comment mode in Bakersfield, fleeing questions on a golf cart.
Photo: John T. Consoli

HUGH HEWITT: Calls for Trump to drop out, but won't talk about it

Conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt, expected to talk Saturday about his tweet earlier in the day calling for Donald Trump to leave the presidential race, didn’t touch the subject during his speech.

Then after delivering his remarks, Hewitt rushed to a golf cart and was escorted to a VIP area. The volunteer golf cart driver, Brent Hutton, said Hewitt told him he didn’t want any part of the newest Trump revelations, including tapes that surfaced revealing Trump speaking about groping women.

“He knew what the media wanted to ask him,” Hutton said, adding Hewitt also said he had a plane to catch to St. Louis for the presidential debate.

Drift Happened

But before fleeing, the lame excuses, the projection, the "Hillary Rodan Clinton rigged the primaries against B.S., you know what'll happen in November" & all the other bullshit:
Hewitt spent much of his speech critiquing GOP failings this election cycle, including how the timing of the Republican National Convention led to campaign drift for Trump and damaged his run.

“Drift happened. It always happens to a campaign. You want them fighting with knives and shovels and rocks and stones and clods of dirt until the convention because then they’re focused, and they don’t relax, and they raise money,” Hewitt said. “The moment you get that much time off, bad things happen in every campaign. Not just for first-timers.”

He added that Hillary Clinton’s Democratic nomination was locked up early and that it was a rigged process working against Bernie Sanders.

“It was a rigged game. Mr. Trump was right about that,” Hewitt said.

On the GOP side, Hewitt said having 18 diverse politicians vying for the nomination was just too many and proved to be “a giant train wreck.”

“I did 70 interviews and was Switzerland through the whole thing,” Hewitt said. “Now I’m just the Red Cross – bandages and smokes for everyone.”

He was also critical of a GOP strategy that hasn’t been flexible as voter sentiment has shifted in the last 18 months.

“You can plan all you want, you can decide all you want, but the candidates run and the voters decide. If your strategy isn’t keeping in the moment with American history, it’s all for not,” Hewitt said.

The tragedy of the campaign, Hewitt said, is that key issues have not been discussed in depth. There’s been little discussion of the Syrian genocide, Libya or the open seat on the Supreme Court.

If Clinton wins the presidency, he said, the Supreme Court will be the most liberal in its history.

“It will go into outer space,” Hewitt said.

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