Thursday, October 6, 2016

Taxi Connection Thurs.

Saw this road show at Universal City's Universal Amphitheatre; apparently 30 yrs. ago. W/o chancing on this I couldn't have specified the yr. beyond mid-to-late 1980s, & have no idea which month or even season (as if) to this day.
Sly & Robbie Taxi Connection live 1986 with Ini Kamoze, Half Pint and YellowmanYou Are There: Yellowman fell off the stage, & as I exited the venue w/ fellow concert-goer (the sadly late) English Frank, he advised me that Yellow had the proverbial Big C & had taken the header because he was on painkillers &/or debilitated from chemo-therapy. First I'd heard, & it wasn't E.F. bee-essing, either.

So guess what Yellow survived that had killed Frank w/in X yrs. (How long has it been?)

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