Thursday, October 27, 2016

Take-Off Thurs.

S.F. after the "bohos" leave. Hence.
Late to or leaving the party by the Bay:

The boho-drain: bohemians say goodbye San Francisco, hello L.A.

The once alternative city by the bay has become a playground for tech billionaires, so its artists are fleeing to an unlikely new home:
O.K., laughing ha-ha at "la-la-land" & "bohemians." And the Giants' even-yr. thing seems over; why not leave?

Adding to the plague of locusts, Noo Yawkers:
It is a common refrain also among New Yorkers who have flocked to L.A., especially its revitalised downtown and eastern neighbourhoods such as Echo Park, Highland Park and Silver Lake where galleries and performance venues pop up like toast.

“A ton of people I know from Brooklyn have moved out here or thought about it,” said Kristen Liu-Wong, an illustrator. Before New York she lived in San Francisco. “The tech world has kind of taken over which I’m not super happy about, since every time I go back it seems like all the old spots I grew up with are vanishing.” Living in L.A., she added, had eroded some of the stereotypes.
Yeah, bite me w/ your stereotypes & your Brooklyn. Our oldest bldgs., slums & tenements are slightly younger than S.F.'s & there aren't as many steep hills. If it weren't for the weather, you could barely perceive any difference.

Anyway, this reporter was outta Frisco (the city of my birth, by the way, not just another way station on the road to hell) for good (& L.A.) 43 yrs. ago. You'd think boho aesthetes would be a little more hep to the trends.

“Whenever anyone, from anywhere, moves into my city with a Camry and a dream, I can feel my cost of living increase,” Megan Koester , a comedian and writer, said via email. Even [the] unglamorous San Fernando Valley has become pricey. “I tried to find an apartment there ... and everything was out of my range. Do you know how humbling it is to be priced out of the fucking Valley?”

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