Sunday, October 30, 2016

Stupidity On Sunday*

A brace of dunderheads from the legal profession manages to come up w/ one cretinous idea between their two calcified brains. (Not really. Ass-Rocket Hinderaker just blockquotes a chunk of Reynolds. Legal research, you know.)
Glenn Harlan Reynolds / USA Today: 
A President Clinton would be out of control:
Glenn Reynolds

So, the preferred candidate of these two inane drones, one Donald J. ("Mr.") Trump, is the very model of emotional maturity & self-control? Is that what they're trying to tell us? Nagonna read either load of codswallop, but one must wonder how these lawyers define "out of control"? Signing legislation? (Took a quick peep: Turns out yes, the sitting President signing legislation either of these toads dislikes is just what they mean.)
*Why would we expect "The Lord's Day" to be any fucking different from the cretinism practiced the other 24/7?
†Yes, this judge of character & ability Hinderaker.

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