Monday, October 10, 2016

Go Canada!

One fabulous Monday, two reasons not to work.
We're glad Toronto, Ontario's Blue Jays swept the Texas fucking Rangers; Canuckians may also want to give thanks (As always, to whom, exactly?) during their early harvest gratitude fest (Didn't someone once advise us that gratitude was a very canine emotion?) that they aren't United States citizens & are not caught in the quadrennial electoral cluster-fuck of their retarded southern neighbor, other than as innocent bystanders/unfortunate collateral damage.

And shame on Christophorus Columbus a/k/a Cristoforo Colombo a/k/a Cristóbal Colón a/k/a Cristóvão Colombo.
Just look at what he started!
Do not be confused by the National Geographic Society fantasy version recounted above. Purty, 'though.

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