Sunday, September 25, 2016

Drink Dump For Trump Chump

A glimpse into the future of your shitty nation from a guy who left the house looking to be amused last Friday.
An odd thing happened when he got to Donald Trump. He asked if there were any Trump supporters in the house and maybe two dozen people (out of maybe fifteen hundred) indicated they were backing the guy. Jefferies was just sorta praising those people for their courage when a fight broke out in the audience about two rows behind where we were sitting … an actual fight even though only two or three punches were thrown.

Near as I can figure out, what happened was this: A Trump supporter had identified himself as such in response to Jefferies' question. A non-Trump supporter then poured a beverage on the Trump supporter, whereupon the Trump supporter whirled and threw a punch at the non-Trump supporter who punched back … and then it got broken up.
At least in the civilized parts of California the odds are on the side of goodness & decency, by about 1500 to two dozen. I'm planning to be armed & ammo'd by Election Day; shouldn't you be too?

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