Thursday, August 18, 2016

Time Loop Thurs.

History shows again & again that the more things change, the more they repeat themselves (tragedy, farce, entropy) often leading to unmitigated boredom & ennui among those of us whose memories still function, followed w/ random (or not) violence in an effort to make us feel something. Anything.
Molly Brooks' Sanity & Tallulah
Voilà the proverbial déjà vu, all over & over again. 3 August of this yr.:

Donald Trump Claims His Policies Could Have Prevented 9/11, Calls Hillary Clinton 'Founder of ISIS'

That Clinton claim was made little more than a wk. prior to Mr. Trump's "sarcastic/not that sarcastic" claim that Clinton & Obama both founded IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh.
Trump Says Remark About Obama Being ISIS Founder Was 'Not That Sarcastic'
After repeatedly saying in recent days that President Obama is the "founder of ISIS," Donald Trump seemed to change his tune Friday morning, saying that he was being "sarcastic."
And Trump had already played the sarcasm card in late July, when his request of Russia to release Clinton e-mails it probably doesn't have raised a question or two, although his comprehension of sarcasm was as limited then as now:

Trump: I Was 'Being Sarcastic' When I Asked Russia To Release Clinton Emails

After such monotonous repetition of idiotic events repeating themselves I can no longer determine whether I'm outside of time, watching it fly by me on the right, trapped in (on?) a temporal Möbius strip, or drifting between alternate dimensions. Not that any of it makes any difference to anyone, whatever time it may &/or may not be.

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