Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Another Big (Non-) Surprise

Stress, depression, whatever. In this case, ignore the brain-washing that made you
a moron perpetuating evil & start strangling!!
No, really?

Most Depressed Adults in the U.S. Remain Untreated

Only 28.7% of those who screened positive for depression received any treatment during the survey year
The actual problem is not lack of treatment, the problem is that there is no immediate cure (other than Giant Meteor 2016!) for this society of vicious capitalist shitheels in which we are forced to live, a society that drives any decent or rational person who is not in a state of complete ignorance/denial to be consumed w/ horror, disgust & rage that they turn upon themselves & become "depressed". Because if one acts, one is murdered by the police or disappeared into the justice/prison system, a horrifying travesty which in & of itself should make every person in whose name ("The People of the State of ...") so-called justice is enacted on others depressed, guilty & suicidal/murderous.

None of their fucking drugs can disguise or deny the outside world of shit & pain, unless the permanent tinnitus I received as a side-effect from the mind control drug Lexapro® (which didn't provide me w/ the desired effects of an increase in brain-dead happiness or an ability to function in a society composed of predators & their prey) was a feature of some sort, perhaps an effort to block out the incessant idiocy of the cretins who comprise your horrid world. Might as well just poke my fucking eyeballs out & pop my eardrums, head-candlers.

The rest of you chumps, I suppose, will just keep taking it & rationalizing & self-medicating until you are actually, physically dead as door knobs, rather than the living death in which you walk the Earth. If you aren't filled w/ murderous rage or seriously depressed you are an uncaring asshole. Glad you got yours, now fuck you!
I wish to all hell I didn't give a fuck about you fucks, but I care too much.

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