Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"This so much hatred"*

Total buffoonery personified, as illustrated in the pp. of Red State.
Take a look at what passes for a professional fundraising pitch from the Trump campaign

Where do you even begin with this? The candidate cannot even speak above a third grade level when he's reading off of [sic] cue cards. No one in his shop has any idea how craft a message that is a whit more subtle than, literally, "if you elect me, we will all be happy again."
Vital message from the Trump Facebook item where the above appeared:
Are you team Trump? Prove it! Donate now and get your FREE hat today!
Did someone say tribalismteam spirit?
*Can't even get the captions correct. Or literate. Just another example of hiring the best, the very best, very, very brilliant people. O.K.?


Weird Dave said...

Smells like...

Quincunx said...

He promises to make me happy again. Lying fscker - I was never happy.