Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Nation Of Sheep, Nation Of Sheep ...

... The President's on tee vee & he's putting you to sleep!"

Fuck the dead cops, fuck the dead soldier who killed them, fuck your species of vicious, homicidal thugs, & fuck the bullshit platitudes all the lying idiots will spout about how noble we all are, w/ this one little exception of murder that seems to happen every single fucking day.

By the way, having a murdering war criminal like disgraced ex-President George W. Bush (Are you fucking kidding me?) speak is absolute proof that not one person on that stage or in the audience has the slightest respect for human life, decency or anything but raw fascist power. Fuck every last one of them.

1 comment:

Mister Sterling said...

Wow, Bouffant. Some police departments are arresting social media users and bloggers for expressing these sentiments. You are correct, however.