Friday, July 29, 2016

Lock Him Up & Throw Away The Key!!

I know I'm fucking outraged.
Between Ronald Reagan & lying sack of shit former Sheriff of Los Angeles County Lee Baca, we must do a much better job of spotting senile dementia in our so-called leaders, & removing the sufferers from office immediately.
Baca admitted to lying to investigators in 2013 when he said he was unaware that sheriff’s deputies were going to the home of an FBI agent to confront and threaten her over her involvement in the probe of corruption within the department.

The same year Baca committed the offense, he was named Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriffs’ Association.

The rejected plea agreement — which one of Anderson’s colleagues on the federal bench called “troubling” — was widely seen as too lenient, especially after Tanaka was sentenced.
Not that the shitty sheriff's Alzheimer's disease is any kind of an excuse. He obviously knew what he was doing when he did it.

And since he pled guilty, to hell w/ a plea bargain. Sentence him to the maximum & lock his lying ass up now before he's so far gone he doesn't realize he's being punished. And let's hope his punishment fits the crime, & he's brutalized just as those in his custody were. Rotten fucking bastard.


BadTux said...

Apparently he gets to withdraw the guilty plea if he doesn't agree with the sentence. Unlike us plebes. WTF?

M. Bouffant said...

IANAL Editor:
I suppose, in all fairness, that his plea was contingent on whatever deal he made. Still ...