Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I.C.Y.M.I.: Nine Days Ago

Clearing old brush on the ranch, I found this rattlesnake sunning itself on a rock. Extra funny considering Trumpy could barely make up his flitty hummingbird mind on a vice-presidential nominee.
Aaron Klein / Breitbart:
EXCLUSIVE - Roger Stone: Trump To Name Prospective Cabinet at RNC  —  CLEVELAND, Ohio - Donald Trump is planning to use the Republican National Convention to make the unusual move of announcing names of potential cabinet members, Trump's longtime confident* Roger Stone has confirmed.
Exclusive & "confirmed", was it? Gee golly willikers, why I did ignore such a scoop nine days ago? Oh, because I couldn't be sure if it were Roger Stone or the decaying corpse of Breitbart's pathetic fantasy lying to me.
*That's no typo, it's an error, & remains uncorrected to this day. High-priced talent at Breitbart's Grave. Russian money?

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