Friday, July 8, 2016

"Good" Guy W/ Gun Proved
To Be Sad Fantasy

Ask a gun-humping ammosexual & it'll tell you the only way to stop a "bad" guy w/ a gun is a "good" guy (say, a soldier or police officer; no member of either group has ever done anything "bad" w/ guns, ever ever) w/ a gun. Rational people have known this was bullshit for some time, but the proof is in this pudding. Turns out the only way to stop a "bad" guy w/ a gun is w/ a bomb strapped to a robot.
And if that's what it takes, where in the hell is my robot bomb? You cannot deny me the means to defend myself. (Also remember: The best defense is a good offense. Yes, that's a threat of sorts. You going to send a robot bomb to my bunker, copper?)

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Weird Dave said...

One of the reasons I laugh at the "look upon my mighty AR-15" types is because of just how well armed the 'security' forces are...