Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Local Action: Everything Will Burn

Good I didn't arse myself w/ the pants; no mail yesterday. (None so far today either, but I had to put on pants anyway.)

In other locally important news that (like all else in your world of shit & pain) is actually w/o any meaning or import, we are all about to burn to (& in) HELL!!

Will This Be The 'Worst' Fire Season Ever Or Are We Just Obsessed With Our Own Doom?

Yes, absolutely. We all want to die!
Los Angeles has burned countless times, in both fiction and fact, to say nothing of the Bad Religion song. "It is a curious form of romantic self-aggrandizement, one familiar from untold numbers of novels, short stories, films and songs that has now spread to video games," according to New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis.

"No other city" as Mike Davis wrote in Ecology of Fear "seems to excite such dark rapture." According the Davis, the destruction of the city has been a theme in at least 138 novels and films since 1909, and many of them were created right here in the dream factory. We are more than a little obsessed with what Davis called "the conflagrationist potential of Los Angeles."
This looks like a more immediate danger/pain in the poopchute:
The National Weather Service (NWS) says that we're in for a 'kiln-like' heat wave into the upcoming weekend, peaking sometime on Monday, when temperatures across the Southland are, almost universally, predicted to cross the 100-degree threshold.

As the NWS says in their long-term forecast, "there is a very real chance that this heat wave will be one for the record books, and it almost certainly will produce hazardous heat-related conditions."
Figured the three-four days of anticipation would kill me, but no; WeatherBug® predicts a mere 93°F in the Koreatown-adjacent environment next Mon. Talk about a life of disappointment.

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