Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lady Gun Nut Shoots & Kills Own Daughters; Is Plugged By Police

Two Weeks Post-Orlando Already?

New York Daily News:
Texas mother killed by police after fatally shooting her two daughters during ‘family argument’  —  The woman who was killed by police after she fatally shot her two daughters at their Texas home has been identified as an outspoken gun advocate.  —  Christy Sheats, 42, shot and killed …
Family values, baby!
According to Christy Sheats' Facebook page, she was a gun owner and vocal advocate for the second amendment.

"It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away," Sheats wrote in March on her Facebook page, "but that's exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns."
What the fucking hell is wrong w/ people? Truly, America is the worst!

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