Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hotter Than Hell

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - City Too Hot

Latest hot rumor:

L.A. Is Going To Have More Days Of 'Extreme Heat,' Says Study

As if that isn't harrowing enough, the study also warns that L.A. could lose what little vestiges of "winter" we have now. The weather models predicted that the Decembers and Januarys of the future will feel more like the Aprils of the past.


There is some hope, though. The dire predictions listed above will only come true in the event of unmitigated climate change. In the event humans band together and somehow drastically reduce our collective global carbon emissions, we should only see a modest increase in "extreme heat."

Assuming we do, and hold ourselves to the standards set at Paris Climate Accord last year, downtown L.A. would see only 15 "extreme" heat days instead of 54.
Assume in one hand & keep burning shit in the other. See which piles up first, ash or assumptions!

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