Monday, May 2, 2016

Cruz: Anti-Freedom Of Speech,
Pro-Child Abuse

America Eats Its Young, Part The Infinite

I've always hated so-called grown-ups. It's why I've refused to "mature".

Shorter Raffi Cruz: "Respect me, or else. Not because I deserve any respect, but simply because I'm bigger than you. And if you don't respect me, I'll prove how much bigger I am by hitting you."
I wonder if this brutal thug has ever tried to hit anyone his own size. Hah! Of course not; such cowards always punch, slap, kick & "spank" (Ugly euphemism, that.) down, not up.

Senator Cruz, YOU SUCK LIKE A VACUUM!! (Probably because your head is a vacuum devoid of knowledge or thought.) You wanna try to spank me next time you're in this area grifting & lying? I will flip you like a goddamn pancake, anywhere, anytime, child-abusing punk!

[Crooks & Liars]

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