Wednesday, May 18, 2016

10 Parasites I'd Kill For A Nickel

1. Patrick Soon-Shiong. Health Bro. Lives in Brentwood. Net worth: $15.4 billion
2. Elon Musk. Tesla Bro. Lives in Bel Air. Net worth: $13.3 billion
3. Eli Broad. Art + Media Bro(ad). Lives in "Los Angeles," apparently. Net worth: $7.64 billion
4. Sean Parker. Justin Timberlake in Social Network Bro. Lives in Holmby Hills. Net worth: $7.62 billion
5. John Tu. Tawainese Tech Bro. Lives in Rolling Hills. Net worth: $7.1 billion
6. David Geffen. Dreamworks Bro. Lives in Beverly Hills (but still claims New York as his 'home'). Net worth: $6.9 billion
7. Sumner Redstone. Media Mogul Bro. Lives in Beverly Hills. Net worth: $5.5 billion
8. Tamara Hughes Gustavson. Daughter of the Bro who founded Public Storage. Lives in Malibu. Net worth: $5.49 billion
9. Stewart and Lynda Resnick. Fiji Water Bro and Wife. Live in Beverly Hills. Net worth: $4.99 billion
10. Do Won and Jin Sook Chang. Forever 21 Founder Bro and Wife. Live in Beverly Hills. Net worth: $4.76 billion
Also, why did no one kill Trump & Kissinger when they were in the same room mere moments ago?


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