Monday, April 25, 2016

More Police Murder

Sadly, we don't mean that the police are on the receiving end of the brutality they apply to Americans every single fucking day. But check this from Steve Loomis, the goateed shithead who leads Cleveland's Thugs & Executioners Guild:

Tamir Rice settlement should help educate kids on guns, Cleveland police union president says

Subodh Chandra, an attorney representing the Rice family, blasted Loomis' release in an emailed statement. He said that the comments "reflect all that is wrong with Cleveland's police division — he managed to (1) blame the victim, (2) equate the loss of the life of a 12-year-old child with the officers facing scrutiny, and (3) demand money from the victim's family and counsel.

"Loomis's continued posturing shows he and the union still don't comprehend that the police division needs a cultural change — not hiring incompetents, better training, and greater accountability," Chandra continues. "We're all still in trouble if Loomis's attitude reflects rank-and-file officers' attitudes."

Loomis also sits on the Cleveland Community Police Commission, a board made up of representatives of residents and law enforcement that is tasked with making policy recommendations to the police department. The commission was formed as part of a settlement the city reached with the U.S. Justice Department over police use of force.
Maybe the settlement could be used to buy the Cleveland P.D. enough crowbars to pry their heads out of their asses.

UPDATE: Gee-ziz, everyone's beating me today. (See item immediately below.) Note there is a similar great mind at work:
How about you take some of that taxpayer cash that pays your salary and use it to acquire a very rusty farm implement.

Which you can then use upon your nether regions.


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