Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Foreign Affairs

If you love Armenia so much why don't you transplant your lard ass from Calabasas to Yerevan, Ms. Kardashian?
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"Praying for Peace" while posting militaristic images? No foolish consistency for intellectual giant Kim.

And by the way, not a religious war, oh no, just rats in a cage again. Honest.
Suleymanov said he’s often frustrated by how the conflict is portrayed in the U.S. as a religious battle between Azerbaijan, a Muslim majority country, and Armenia, a Christian majority country. “These references are misleading because there is not a religious aspect of this conflict,” he said.

But Azerbaijan’s considerable oil wealth has also helped fuel its own PR efforts in Washington — a multi-million dollar campaign that often underscores Baku’s importance to the United States as an energy supplier, close friend to Israel, and able partner in the fight against terrorism while downplaying human rights concerns.
Another conflict where any one not involved is a winner in the war on humanoid overpopulation. Don't let me stop you.

Ha! Two blistering items before noon PDT. Our work here is done.

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