Monday, March 14, 2016

Today In Religious Love:
It's All About Who Killed Jesus

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Jesus loves me this I know, He sure hates them Jewboys though:
A Catholic school in Massachusetts has apologized after some of its pupils chanted “you killed Jesus” at a game against a school with many Jewish students.

The fan section of Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury unleashed the anti-Semitic cheer when its basketball team visited Newton North High School on Friday night.

Memorial’s President Peter Folan called the chanting “unacceptable” and said that the offending students had to personally apologize to Newton’s interim principal after the game.

Newton Superintendent David Fleishman told Wicked Local that the incident was “upsetting and troubling and highly insensitive” for him and his students.

The Anti-Defamation League has been contacted to speak to Memorial regarding the incident.

The chant reportedly came in response to Newton fans’ chants about the Catholic school being all-boys, referring to it as a “sausage fest.”

Catholic Memorial won the game 77-73.

Friday night's chant marked at least the third time in the last month that high school students made national headlines for offensive cheers.

In the middle of February a group of largely white students at Dallas Center-Grimes in Des Moines began chanting "Trump" after they lost to a school with many Hispanic students.

A similar incident happened when members of Andrean High School taunted Bishop Noll Institute with a giant cut-out of Donald Trump's head and a chant of "build that wall."
I am praying to probably never-existed Jesus that we have a religious war w/ our upcoming political/civil war. Gawd will know his own, so BRING. IT. ON!!

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