Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today In Local History

Not someone's birthday.
Empire Liquors, 9127 S. Figueroa St., where Latasha Harlins was killed in 1991. The Root.
Twenty-five years ago today, a young Latasha Harlins entered Empire Liquor, a shop located in South Central Los Angeles owned by Soon Ja Du's family. Du was working the counter that day.

Marlins took a bottle of orange juice and put it in her backpack, which led Du to the conclusion that Harlins was going to steal it, according to the L.A. Times. When Harlins approached the counter, Du grabbed her sweater, and Harlins responded by hitting Du in the face. Du fell to the ground, but soon got up and threw a stool at Harlins, which did not strike her. The teenager took the orange juice, which had fallen to the ground in the scuffle, and put it on the counter before turning to exit the store. Du grabbed a handgun from beneath the shop's counter and fired, shooting Harlins in the back of the head, killing her.

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