Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Palate Flenser

You may have heard the guitars of this tune under an Audi commercial on telebision recently. Sorry The Ig blew all his money on whatever he blew it on & has been forced to up his whore game. Taking a firm stand in the interest of art over commerce, we present "Search & Destroy" unadulterated (Un-Audi-terated?). For the kids.
Mr. Pop's from Muskegon, MI; he couldn't sell out to an American auto entity? An Italo-American multinational doesn't count.Someone who may care a bit too much going on about it, in Car and Driver no less. Also relevant/semi-related:


BigHank53 said...

What, didn't you ever see the cruise line commercial that used a heavily-edited "Lust For Life"?

M. Bouffant said...

Ig(norant) Editor:
I do remember that, now that you mention it. May have mentioned it whenever. Or not. Hard to search this voluminous mess.