Friday, March 11, 2016

One Of The Lucky Ones

Police: Child accidentally shoots,
kills self in Gwinnett County


B) At least the little victim won't have to grow up & live someplace like a house on Appaloosa Trail in Norcross, Georgia in this awful world of shit & pain. (Had I known how awful [And morbidly dull & boring.] it all would be I would've ended it the very first time I caught one of those fucking grown-ups lying to me. Should've taken as many adults w/ me as I could right then & there, like the "jacked up" four-yr. old who tried to let the air out of his gun-nut mother a few days ago.)

C) Let us all hope together very hard that his parents & any others responsible for this further evidence that human life is totally w/o value end up killing their own worthless guilty selves.

D) Have a nice day!

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