Monday, March 28, 2016

Note To Self

Self, watch the smart remarks when assembling equipment for the impending Bouffant-a-geddon! (Or for the Bunny-gideon!)
A gun store owner is being credited with possibly stopping a mass shooting at Ohio University after he refused to sell a gun to a man who passed a background check, CNN reported on Sunday.
Since when are a man's Second Amendment rights anyone else's damn business?

Note To The Seven Billion Sheep Ruining The Planet For Me & My Fellow Animals

Stay the hell of my way if you know what's good for you, lumps of undifferentiated tissue. Judging from your pathetically self-destructive behavior across the planet, however, you neither know nor care, so whatever. This has been your first & only warning.

Didn't Bother Me 'Cause I Was Still Alive

File under: Good Guy W/ Guns. Lots of guns. And ammo.

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Quincunx said...

Which one was the homosecksual infringing on the religious freedoms of the other?