Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Dumpster Fire

We dump some links.

The Real America(s)

Always like these. This one's based on gun fetishism.
WaPo quick read, actual thing. Shorter: Where you live is a shithole, & why.

Get Away, Distractions!

Science backs us again:

It's True: Smart People Would Prefer You Went Away

Mothers & Others

The exterior bears little resemblance to what we saw 40+(!) yrs. ago. There sure as hell wasn't a rooftop tennis court. Plus which. Further links at both links.

Supes v. Bats

From me, who is a yr. or three more wretched than we, & has a take on it. Only skimmed so far, but we're inclined to agree, & it's not as if we really give a flying fuck at a rolling dough-nut about the whole thing. Previous disputes between the two characters may be observed here.

Gee-ziz, That Sucks. I Am Sorry Beyond Expression.

That's for all the corpses who've crossed the iNternet radar recently, & especially for Dan Hicks (& His Hot Licks) whose 6 February death hadn't crossed our iNternet radar until quite recently. Not previously familiar w/ this one, but I like the picture.
We don't like much of this sort of music, but he sure could write a lyric. This should be the entire Striking It Rich album.
We'll also rate for their debut album, Where's The Money?, as we once owned it as well.
[Could've gotten another four days posting from this aggregation, but the open tabs were starting to decompose.]

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