Thursday, February 18, 2016

Today In Branding

You are what you consume aren't you, pathetic branded sheep?
Buyers of Smart cars and Fiats tend to identify as Democrats. New Porsche owners are more likely than buyers of any other brand to identify as Republicans, according to a survey conducted by Strategic Vision, a San Diego brand consultant. (Maserati rates even higher with Republicans, but the sample size wasn’t large enough to be statistically meaningful, the company says.) Another survey, by Resonate, a consultant in Reston, Virginia, shows that Bernie Sanders supporters are 82 percent more likely than the average American to eat at Chipotle, while Donald Trump fans are 111 percent more likely to grab a bite at Sonic. Marco Rubio’s backers are 141 percent more likely to have stayed at a Ritz-Carlton.
Full disclosure: This reporter has never owned an automobile of any marque, never eaten at a Chipotle or a Sonic, & has never even walked through the lobby of a Ritz-Carlton in search of a public toilet or a potted plant in an alcove.

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OBS said...

Clearly you fall into Vermin Supreme's camp then.