Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Still Lying After All Those Lies

Just last night:

Fiorina to continue on after poor showing

She didn't even crack 5 percent with more than half the votes in, but Carly Fiorina's team insisted Tuesday night that she would press on after the New Hampshire primary.

"We sent link to public calendar earlier today. Same plan," emailed Sarah Isgur Flores, Fiorina's deputy campaign manager, when asked whether Fiorina would be exiting the race.

The calendar shows Fiorina in South Carolina over the weekend, before spending around a week and a half in Nevada ahead of the caucuses there.

"Just published upcoming Nevada schedule. Looking forward to Valentine's Day with #FirstFrank in the Silver State," Fiorina tweeted earlier in the day, referring to her husband, Frank Fiorina.
The planet had barely made half a rotation before the story was very different.

And it's finally official (We waited & waited so we wouldn't have to pound out separate posts about these two jerks.): Christie stopped teasing us & finally made a half-assed non-announcement of "campaign suspension". Bada-bing!

Here, then, the current 2016 Republican Party Wall o' Shame. Still standing: Two sitting Sens., a sitting & an ex-Goobernator, & in the "outsider lane", the soft-spoken loon & the "Say It Loud, No LOUDER DAMNIT!!" loon.
Ben Carson, (M.D., ret'd.) is a lucky man: While he has no reason to continue campaigning, there's no reason not to keep on keeping on as long as the grift seems worth it, even though his chances diminish hourly & whether or not he suspends his book tour will have no discernible effect on votes, let alone delegates. (And if Gilmore were gone by now, the title could have been "Now We Are Six".)

Will we be looking at Cruz, Kasich & Trump soon/eventually? Saw the Least of The House of Bush on the telly today;
he was sporting dirt on his forehead to emphasize his superstitious ignorance, while standing before a banner that read "Trusted Leadership for a Stronger America". Like Poppy in '88. And Romney last fucking go-round.
Now we have to wait 10 days until South Carolina lets us know what the real crackers want, while putting up w/ "Strong(er) America! Greater America! Blah fucking blah-blah yada America." Stop already, all of you repetitive idiots.

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