Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Seven-ish Dwarves + The Lyin' Lady

Interesting how the still-on-the-run suspects in 2016's Republican line-up are specifically grouped in our stolen-from-FOXNews mugshots.

Left to right, top to bottom: Two sitting Sens. (both of Cuban descent, yet), two political* virgins (one w/ an on-going grift, one w/ a US$22,000,000 golden parachute), two spawn of privilege long in the public eye, & two sitting Govs. from the wrongother side of the Mississippi, neither of whom are as openly theocratic as the two Senators, for what little that's worth.

Also plus which too "not campaigning, still running" Jim Gilmore, ex-governor from next-to-the-wrongother-ocean. Remember almost-ran Dem. candidate Jim "I kil't a man" Webb, also of Virginia? Is it just guys nick-named "Jim" from Virginia, or the whole state? And since we're asking, is Virginia still for lovers?
*Of course, everything's political, but neither has held elected office.
Moments later: And as I realized just after publishing, each differs from the standard candidate in certain innate ways.

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