Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Other Music News

Stealing from The NYT for the item below I spotted this review of 77-yr. old wailer Charles Lloyd's gig at "the Appel Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Friday night", & was reminded that I'd seen Mr. Lloyd perform at the Eagles Auditorium (No relation to the cruddy band of the same name.) in Seattle in 1968 or '69. Congratulations to Mr. Lloyd, STILL WAILING close to five decades later!
That link to the Seattle P-I sent me straight down the memory hole: The first rock&roll musical event I attended was Steppenwolf, July 26, 1968. Also there for Muddy Waters and Otis Spann, Feb. 28, 1969. (Silver Apples was the opening act for Muddy. There's a bill!) Did not see Chicago, March 13, 1970, as I'd gotten out of the United Snakes w/in months of Nixon's inauguration, but I did see Chicago there in early 1969. Don't get me wrong, however: Opening act Jeff Beck Group w/ Rod-the-Mod Stewart on the microphone was the band I went to see. (Not that I or anyone else gave a flying fuck about Rod-the-Mod then. Still don't, personally.)

The message being jazz is eternal & that rock, rock, rock&roll crap isn't, maybe. Or just genetics &/or "healthy" living, in comparison to 74-yr. old Jeffersonians croaking.

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