Monday, February 1, 2016

Delusons Of Campaign Competence

Ben Carson's decision not to stick around in Iowa & take his medicine apparently is not an indication he's finally gotten his head out of the pyramidal granary & "suspended" his book tour/campaign grift. (Why do they all "suspend" their campaigns, instead of simply stating, "I'm a fucking loser & I quit"?) No, he just travels light:
Seriously, he ran out of threads? We all know Iowa's a backward shithole in the middle of the Great American Nowhere, but there must be dry cleaners & laundromats. (And as if there were no such services in Iowa hotels either.)

Then he plays the victim card, because he is a whiny-ass punk.
And you know he's a hypocrite: He's a Jesus freak. And a freaky kind of Jesus freak.
And, you know, that’s the whole concept in terms of the victim’s mentality. You either accept it and become a victim, or you deny it and become a victor.
Physician, heal thy sorry chump "victimized" ass! And stop wasting the nation's time; get out now before you make a greater fool of yourself.

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