Thursday, February 11, 2016

Alex Jones Reveals A Bit
About Himself

What are we to be scared of today? Besides everything everywhere (because of our freedoms, you know) imagine nobodies on top of you reveling in their black uniforms while they're having S-E-X w/ your wife, that's what!
“You won’t learn from history,” he said. “You won’t learn from the nightmare of socialism and collectivism and communism when it puts all these nobodies on top of you who revel in black uniforms and checkpoints and making your wife have sex with them so you can have a job.”
I'm not at all clear how all this "socialism and collectivism and communism" he describes differs from free market capitalism in any significant way.

And how long before Jones has convinced his shriveled white audience that Prez Obama's corps of black-uniformed witch doctors are disappearing their penises?

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