Tuesday, January 26, 2016


If thin-skinned pansy Donald J. Drumpf doesn't show for this next FOXNews-sponsored debate because "blood coming out of her eyes"* Megyn Kelly might ask him a question he thinks "isn't fair, wah wah wah", we might actually be in for some fun if the other clown candidates take the opportunity to rake the comb-overed Cheeto over some coals. And if The Lump isn't there to refute them w/ his juvenile insults, they may even show the intestinal fortitude needed. Or not, because they are all clowns. Deeeeep bench you have there, G.O.P.
*Am I the only one to have noted that the idiom is "blood in one's eye" not "coming out" of it? What more does that say about ol' Trump?

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