Monday, January 11, 2016

Get Out, Get Lost, Go Away!!

There's no more room at the fucking inn, damnit!
L.A. is a great big shithole (put a million down & buy a shack) which will be even more crowded w/ repellent shits if the mayor has his way. (He likes his kind.)
Garcetti has set a goal of increasing tourism to Los Angeles to 50 million people per year by 2020.

“Los Angeles is a place where the world comes together for cultural experiences and celebrated attractions that cannot be found anywhere else,” he said.
Meanwhile, in people you'd rather ignore, because they demonstrate what filthy hypocrites you & the leaders of your murderous pig society are:

Homeless woman dies on Skid Row following El Niño rains

Note well the mayor's concern:
The 2015 figure marked the fifth consecutive year of tourism growth, according to Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board officials.

Garcetti attributed the uptick to “investing billions at our airport, in mass transit, and other assets that are making L.A. more exciting and accessible than ever.”

Los Angeles International Airport, which is owned by the city of Los Angeles, is undergoing an $8.5 billion modernization project, while $5 billion in rail projects connecting to the airport are underway.
Billions for airport improvements, not one penny for human beings who've been fucked in every possible orifice by the United Snakes & its corporate masters. Sadly, this is no more news than "dog bites humanoid".

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