Friday, December 11, 2015

Today In Show Biz:
No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

Authorities At LAX Mistook K-Pop Group For
Sex Workers, Agency Says

Upon landing at LAX, however, WM Entertainment—the band's agency—said immigration authorities searched the group's costumes and props, then decided to detain them, ABC reports.

"Then, probably because of their young age, they seem to have mistaken them as sex workers," a statement from the agency said.
What does the agency mean? If they were all 30 no one would have been (allegedly) suspicious of anything?

[Headline & text from LAist, image from Facebook.]


BadTux said...

Nah, it means the asswipes at LAX were being the asswipes at LAX. My international friends all say that Customs at LAX behaves like they have twelve inch dildos up their ass, just looking for some reason to be mean to travelers. They say it's the most hostile airport on the planet for international travelers, from the demented layout of the international terminal to the bad attitudes of the Immigration and Customs workers. Even makes Heathrow look sane, which takes a helluva lot of doing.

What do you bet that these eight young scantily clad Korean girls were all stuck in a room with a leering supervisor who was looking down their bras the whole twelve hour ordeal?

- Badtux the Pervert-smellin' Penguin

M. Bouffant said...

Grounded Editor:
Or were hoping for "favors" to induce them to release the little tramps. And the management co. benefits too. Win-win!

Haven't been on a 'plane since '95, but when I was flying I always tried to go from Burbank rather than LAX. Closer & saner.

BadTux said...

Last time I had to fly into LA I deliberately chose to fly into Ontario because I wanted nothing to do with LAX. Ontario is much closer to City of Industry (which is where I needed to be, to talk to an industry building our computers, duh) anyhow.