Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank You Good Night

So a perfectly ordinary looking, probably-of-Korean-extraction guy in regular, clean clothes, not drooling, mumbling to himself or the like or (I think) being sarcastic wished all aboard a bus I was on today "Happy New Year, y'all" as he was getting off; figured I could do no less. Hell, I'll be extra-magnanimous & wish everyone everywhere the best of all possible yrs., even when the yr. isn't quite so shiny & new but as old & tired as some of us may feel.

Easy enough to wish "everyone everywhere" suffer as little a possible this yr. (& 2017 as well, why not wish for the moon?); I'm wishing extra hard for those elitists & literate types who waste or take time to look at the pooh-flinging monkey caged here.

Just in time for the Witching Hr. (on The Coast) a number containing the phrase "New Year's Eve" & several others.

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