Friday, December 4, 2015

"Meccy Chcistmas": Fiore Family Declares War On Holidays!

Sweet Blood of Reason-for-the-Season Jesus, all I want to do is take & share nice pictures of clouds & illustrations of how ugly you rotten bastards have made this planet w/ your buildings & civilization, but then this sort of thing crosses one's vision & one is compelled both to mock & to warn: These people live among us. And apparently are allowed to reproduce.
Guy in front is already figuring which relative to take out first.
Seeing this brain-dead collection of armed yahoos might make one think guns to protect oneself isn't total bullshit, 'though the best self-defense would probably be shooting these fucks dead before they get anywhere near one. A George W. Bush-style pre-emptive defense, y'know?

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tony in san diego said...

More Americans have been killed by toddlers than by ISIS terrorists. These guys have got three or four entrants here!